Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another lazy day, and I don't wanna go to work!

Oh, bleh. What a horribly bleh-ish day. There's nothing really wrong with today, but.... still, I feel like laying around in my fuzzy blue robe, procrastinating getting ready for work just a little while longer. Work... hm.... I think maybe that's why I feel so out of sorts today. I hate working the late shift! I'm used to going in at 6:00 in the morning, and being done by 3-ish, and having the rest of my day to myself. Not these days! Work from 4-11 pm is just awful. Having that hanging over my head all day makes me feel so un-productive and anxious, like I can't possibly do anything that I wanted to do today because I have to go to work later. Silly, I know, but true just the same.

The only scrap of productivity that I have to show for the day is my 100th heart on Etsy. That does make one feel a bit loved, doesn't it? (Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that I offered a little promotion of 10% off, plus free shipping and extra goodies for my 100th heart, should they place an order)....but I'd like to think that I'm really loved. ;)

Maybe I'll get something exciting in the mail today.... like one of these, perhaps?

I'm just so excited to get my little strawberry!

Well, its 1:30....I really should start at least thinking about stopping my procrastination.... in a little while....... ;)

I hope you all have very lovely Wednesdays!

Oh! And one more thing - I'm going to be out of town, visiting this handsome fella, until Saturday, so I should wish you all happy weekends, too!

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