Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I give it an A+++ !!

Well, that settles it. I absolutely love Beatrix Potter and her army of little friends.
That is most definitely my new favorite movie. Next in order? I must have that book Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature
On a side note: I never knew it, but it turns out that Chris also loves Beatrix Potter. His baby book was Beatrix Potter, and he had the baby's dining set and nursery stuff as a child. How cute!


  1. hello. i dont use this site, it looks kind of cool, i might set one up... but i was searching through google about beatrix potter after just watching her movie for the millionth time and i came across your site.
    im absolutely inspired by her! shes amazing.

    Rochelle xo

  2. Hi I'm from Brazil, came here just to say hello and share the idea that Mrs. Potter was some kind of very special person, love her entire work, as I think you do.



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