Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lucky, lucky me!

Oh, what luck! I'm in State College visiting le Boy right now, and boy am I have some luck! We went to the Goodwill last night, where I found the cutest, most comfortable little Mary-Jane flats for like $3. They were having a store-wide 50% off sale! I also got some great children's books, some presents for my friend Alex, a pretty skirt, and the cutest little teacup ever! All for $7.

Then today, we got up bright and early and set out in search of yard sales. We really didn't find as many yard sales as we were hoping to, but what we found was amazing! (I'm sure there were tons more yard sales, we just didn't know where to even start....State College is a pretty big city!). I found the most perfect, beautiful, vintage locket-brooch ever. It had pictures of 2 little kids in it, but I took them out and I'm going to put pictures of young Chris and I in it. Its beautiful! I will definitely put up some pictures of that as soon as I get home. I also got an awesome 3-bag laundry sorter by Swell by Cynthia Rowley....brand new, in the box, for $3. Love it. And... what else... a cute snowman-thing for my mom, because she loves snowmen... Oh! And some really fabulous vintage fabric with wild animals all over it.... I got a pretty fat wad of that, for $3. The woman I bought it from had TONS of lace, and seam binding, and sewing stuff... she is a seamstress, and does some work for a local bridal store here, too. She was really nice and gave me her business card, and told me to call her if I ever had any questions about sewing or anything, since I told her I'm only a novice. I got some pretty lace and trimmings, too, but I controlled my urge and only got a little itty bitty bit.

Now, Chris is having lunch (I'm still stuffed from the disgusting McD's breakfast we had earlier...bleh. I knew there was a reason I haven't eaten there in a few years), and watching Friday. Stupid movie. I'm wearing my pretty new gauzy, white babydoll dress (ala Target!) and new brooch, I've got my iPod strapped to my head, and I'm blogging to you, my friends! We're going to Plato's Closet, a really cool consignment shop, in a little while (after he's done with his hot dogs, haha!), where I plan on finding the perfect big bag for summer, and maybe some more cute shoes? Hmm....

Sorry for the wordiness, and no pictures. I will remedy that as soon as I get home (tomorrow?).

Happy Saturday!

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