Friday, August 24, 2007

100th post!

Oh my gosh! I didn't even realize, but my last post was my 100th! That's a milestone!

To celebrate (and to keep up with other fashionable blogs ;) I feel I should have a drawing!

So. Here's what we'll do. Leave me a comment here on the blog - suggest a great Etsy shop, book to read, your favorite band, or just general well-wishes. Blog-lurkers, de-lurk! Come out of the shadows and say hello! I'll use a super-useful random number generator to pick two lucky winners for....hmm.... what shall the prize be?

....A surprise, of course!

Who doesn't like surprises? ;)


And now, goodnight!


  1. thanks for the info on the MD one..we were actually going to go to that one first, but ten the pa one endedup being the same time difference from my house so we went with that one instead. :)
    oh this is heidi mypapercrane BTW


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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