Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I guess you don't like surprises?

Wow... I must say, I'm quite shocked that I only got 2 comments for my special surprise drawing post.... only 2??? Really? Hm. Maybe everyone is just super-busy with school starting and whatnot. I'll tell myself that to make myself feel a bit better.
I suppose, however, its good for the 2 people who did leave comments... they shall both receive nice little packages from me. So, Heidi and Alex, you can expect an email from me sometime later today.
Yesterday was my first day of school! I had a fabulous day! So far, my professors are great, and I've already learned my way all around the campus, and (this is the best!).... they just opened up a Starbucks in the library! Oh, how I love Starbucks. Not because of their ridiculously expensive coffee, no. Because it reminds me of the fun times I had with my sweet friend Lani when I lived in Annapolis. Starbucks became a sort-of ritual for us because of our long hours at work, and it was refreshing and fun for us. Not to mention the many yummy flavors of frappucinos they concoct weekly... pomegranate - green tea = YUM. So, I greatly enjoyed my iced caffe latte yesterday.
Today, I'm in for a different sort of day. I'm going to be on campus all day long, as I have only 3 classes, but a 5-hour gap in between 2 of them. Not enough time to come home, but too much time to really be spent productively - though I do have a bit of reading to do for my 2 classes that I had yesterday, and I'm definitely going to go check out the gym (no more excuses for not working out, as I'll have 5 hours on Tues. and Thurs, and its absolutely free!). And, if I become too parched, I may have to take a little break in, you guessed it, Starbucks. :)

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  1. 5 hour break? You could run a marathon! Sheesh!

    I have a crap schedule too.


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