Thursday, November 29, 2007

See? I told you I'd be back today! I'm just relaxing on my leisurely 5-hour break between classes. Fun, fun.
So, I got to thinking today, and I'm fed up with myself and my neglecting of the ol' shop! I really need to get on the ball and add some stuff, and on a regular basis! Its not that I've lost all creativity - nay! I just lack the time. But the semester is winding down, and then it will be Christmas break, so I will have absolutely no excuses to neglect my poor little shop anymore.
Because I do have a somewhat-lack of time, I think I'm going to try to start out with small pieces. No big projects for now; instead I'll try to make some small things that don't take much time. I've been having a hankering to do some drawing lately, so maybe some jewelry? I do love making little birds and owls.... hmm....
I've also been pondering picking up some embroidery lately.... I could probably whip up a couple of little treats that way, too.... so maybe tonight I'll do that. Plus I have bunches of unfinished projects haunting me. They're piled up in a heep on my shoulder, and each one of them whispers and whines in my ear, "Finish meeeee! I feel so neglected that you never finished meeeee!" They have screechy little voices, too, which doesn't really help.
Of course, I feel like a dunce for waiting until now to decide to get motivated again.... it is almost Christmas, and there is very little time for people to place orders if they want their stuff for gifts, but... I'll figure something out. I've always been bit of a procrastinator, and I do love a challenge.....
So, check the shop. Hopefully I will have actually done something.
Now, I'm off to search for a spoon, as I'd really like to eat my Greek Strained Yogurt with Honey. Delish! I tell you, I'm actually really thrilled with my new vegetarian diet! I absolutely love Giant grocery stores. They have the best selection of vegetarian and health foods! Of course, its no Whole Foods, but the closest one is 55 miles away. :(
I had forgotten how much I enjoy grocery shopping. Is that weird, that I enjoy grocery shopping? I really do! And I feel so much healthier! Not that my mom cooks unhealthy foods (she doesn't - she's a great cook!), but I just eat less healthy now that I'm living at home again. When I lived on my own, I only ate super-healthy foods, and I rode my bike a lot, plus I worked 3 jobs. So I have definitely put on a few pounds since I moved back home just over a year ago. But, since I started eating vegetarian about six weeks ago, I've already lost about 5 pounds. And I feel healthier. I have more energy, my skin looks clearer.... an all-around wonderful deal! :D

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