Thursday, December 13, 2007!!!

That's right, folks - only one more final to go!

I breezed right through my Comm final, no problem. I'm guaranteed an A in that class, so that's good. My last final is for Problems of the Environment, for which I am also guaranteed an A. So I'm really not sweating it. I just can't wait to get this day over with, because tomorrow begins a glorious 4-week break! Woo!

Of course, I work Friday-Sunday this weekend, like always, but at least I have off Monday-Thursday this coming week. My plan is to head up to State College to be with Chris for a few days, since I won't get to go to his graduation on the 21st (I told him I'd switch with someone at work if he wanted me to go, but he said he really doesn't see what the big deal is. Anyway I figured I'd rather spend 4 days with him, just the two of us, rather than 1 day with his parents and aunt and uncle). So that's my plan.

On a side-note, I officially finished my Christmas shopping today. I decided to conserve as much time/energy/money as possible this year and only buy for my immediate family, Chris, and my very best friend. I love giving gifts, but being a starving college student, I really can't afford to shower all of the people I'd like to with gifts. But I do plan on sending out Christmas cards to everyone else, probably tomorrow. Or at least sometime over the weekend, definitely. But anyway, yeah. I finished my Christmas shopping, with very minimal damage to the wallet, and almost all of the gifts were purchased from Etsy, so I'm proud of that too. Go handmade!

I'm soooo done with studying. My poor brain just can't take one more ounce of information. I've done nothing but study for the past week, and now, I'm done. I quit. No more. I'm going to spend the next.....almost an hour.... until my last exam browsing Etsy, because I have missed Etsy so. I've made some super-lovely purchases in the past week or two. Perhaps I should share a few of them? Hmm.... well, no. Probably not, because you just never know who is going to pop in and read this blog. And I wouldn't want to ruin any Christmas surprises. But I can tell you about the lovely makeup I bought for myself last night...

Coffin Color Sampler by Coffin Color

I picked Bloody Mary, Gangrene, Poison Purple, and Tombstone. Such morbidity! But I love it! Plus, its super-awesome because its totally vegan, yay!

My sweet little Chickadee cards are on their way to their new home today, too.

That kind of reminds me, I asked Santa to bring me a gocco printer for Christmas... I really hope he listened! We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Well, my computer's battery is about to die (and still an hour left before my exam - grr!), so I shall end this post.

Happy Thursday!


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