Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chin up!

Well. It looks like things are beginning to look up for Chris. He's been so stressed out trying to get a job since he graduated at the end of December, with no luck. He also couldn't find anyone to sublet his apartment in State College, so if he did find a job that was not in this area, and he had to find an apartment, he'd be paying for two apartments. Not fun. Its silly enough paying for one apartment you're not even living in.
Yesterday, Chris got a phone call from the editor of a newspaper about 40 minutes from here, in Hanover. Right away, I had a good feeling about it because the guy is on his family vacation at the moment. He wouldn't have taken time out of his personal vacation to call Chris if he wasn't very interested. Plus, from what Chris told me, it sounds like the phonecall was really an interview anyway. Even better. So Chris was floating on air yesterday. I really think he's going to get this job. I'm so excited for him!
The icing on the cake was his text message to me before class this morning that he's going to State College this afternoon to sign over the lease to his apartment. Finally, someone is taking it! Its like its meant to be. I'm just keeping all of my fingers (and toes!) crossed that the job in Hanover works out, because then he's really set. All he has to do then is get accepted into grad school for the Fall, and he'll be king of the world. :D
So, if anyone even bothers reading this poor, neglected blog anymore, please keep all of your fingers and toes crossed that this all works out well for Chris!
In other news, its snowing really hard right now. Chris mentioned this morning he heard a storm front might be moving in. Well, its here. Which makes me kind of nervous that he's going to State College today. He'll have to cross 3 mountains to get there.... its not exactly an easy trip, and its 2 1/2 hours on a good day. He did assure me that he'll spend the night there tonight and come home tomorrow, so that makes me feel a little better.
What to do now? I have until 2:00 before my next class starts, so I thought I'd come over here to the computer lab. I don't have any homework to do at the moment, and nothing of interest to show you - I really need to get back into taking more pictures! Maybe that can be added to my list of New Year Resolutions...which is a constantly-evolving list. *sigh*
I suppose I'll peruse the windows at Etsy for an hour or so... maybe I'll find some things to spend my lunch money on...hmm....

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  1. woo! you're back! I was wondering where you went ;]

    I've got my fingers crossed!


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