Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm feeling!

Why am I so green, you ask? Well, to start I spent 2 hours this morning listening to lectures about global warming (which actually was much more interesting than it sounds here!). It was interesting because the lecturers spoke to all sorts of topics you might not even think about when you say "global warming" - like, one of the seminars was about the usage of metaphor in literature when thinking of solutions to global warming. If that makes any sense. But it was interesting.
One of the speakers (who spoke about the ecology of reptiles and amphibians in relation to climate change) is a professor here at the school. I forget his last name, but his first name was Pablo, and he sounded EXACTLY like Antonio Banderas. I couldn't help but think of Puss in Boots (you know, from Shrek?) the whole time he was speaking. He was a really dynamic speaker - I'm definitely going to look into taking one of his classes (for my bio minor). The way he rolled his r's was fantastic! :D
Since I was in seminars all morning, I completely missed the salad/wrap bar at lunchtime so I just ate a cup of broccoli soup from the campus Quiznos. Now I'm just twiddling my thumbs until 5:00 when its time for my Economics class. Yuck. That's the only class that I really don't like. The professor is pretty decent; he's young and energetic, and passionate about economics (if that says anything, *ahem*). I just really don't enjoy the subject; its all too abstract and well, boring. To me, anyway. I know the girl who sits beside me feels the same way though; we always roll our eyes to each other. It helps pass the time! Haha!

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