Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Chris came over for breakfast yesterday morning;
and I fixed a pretty yummy meal:
Bakery-fresh bagels, scrambled eggs (I make delicious eggs!), vegetarian sausage links for me (real bacon for Chris), and hashbrowns...and Starfruit! Yum!

I had class in the afternoon, but Chris was off work yesterday so he came over again in the evening and we watched a fantastic movie, undoubtedly my new favorite!

For dinner, I made vegetarian stuffed peppers - they're stuffed with rice and ground 'beef' made by Morningstar Farms - love it. They turned out so deliciously!

This is me cooking - I didn't know Chris had my camera! I turned around to say something to him and snapped the photo.

Check out my new, bright-green skillet! It matches my birthday present...

Top with a little cheddar, and voila!

And now, I'm off to school for the whole day. Bleh. I can't wait for summer! ;)

I'm sure you'll hear more from me later... happy Tuesday!

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