Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, look at this - I've made 'progress'!

I awoke yesterday to a message on Etsy from a potential buyer in Great Britain. She had a question about the April Showers earrings (which I have re-named "Rainy Day" earrings since it will soon no longer be April). She purchased them yesterday, which makes me quite happy, indeed. And then, just like that, I was bit by the inspiration bug!
I sketched out a wee teacup, and then these were born!
Spot of Tea earrings, available now in the shop!

And then, I spent a few hours cleaning my little room, which looked like 3 hurricanes went through it. It was really very embarassing! While I was cleaning, I found a whole pile of vintage necklaces my sister gave me that I just wasn't doing anything with. So I made a little listing in the shop, and to my surprise and glee, they were already sold by this morning!

So, that flurry of business in the shop left me feeling quite hopeful about the shop and the coming summer-time, when I will have time to create, create, create! I had forgotten how much I like making shrinkie jewelry, so I think you can expect to see some more of that in the shop soon! They seemed to be my most popular item in the shop when I first started it.....


Well, I have some reading and note-taking to do before school this afternoon; and I want to get out to the garden for a few minutes. First I have to pull myself away from Say Anything on tv - I love John Cusack!

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