Monday, June 23, 2008

The "Filth Factory"

So, I told you my dad and I spent the weekend cleaning out the basement (aka the Filth Factory; thanks Chris for that nice name). We finished up ONE CORNER of the basement last night around 9:30, and this is what I have to take to the dump today:

See, my dad has this little *problem* with keeping boxes.... as in, he'll keep empty boxes for 10 years. Yeah. Empty packages. I'd say 99% of the boxes I'm taking to the dump today (recycling!) are empty computer boxes. My dad has been building/upgrading our computers since 1992, and probably hasn't thrown out a single box since then. He just keeps a corner of the basement. It was hilarious because as we were going through all of the piles of junk, it became more and more clear that it was all HIS junk! So ha!

And, as I said, this is only from ONE CORNER of the basement. There are actually other ROOMS to go through down there. I think this is a summer-long project. But at least we've gotten the ball rolling.


In other news, I just listed an awesome vintage dress in the shop. My mom bought it for me a few weeks ago, and sadly its too small in the *chest area*. Sigh.

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