Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Backyard Adventures - or, "dewdrops, toadstools, and fairy circles"

Good morning, everyone! Today is shaping up to be a glorious one, indeed! I decided to not go to work today. Now, one may feel guilty for calling off work every now and then; but I, dear friends, I do not feel guilty. Sometimes you just need a little break. Or, in this case, four days off in a row. I mean, really, it was practical for me to stay home from work today. I was off yesterday, and I have off tomorrow and Thursday. Why break the pattern?


(Ok, I just have to write this down - I just got done being on the receiving-end of a kitten-bath... she just put herself on my chest, placed one tiny paw on my chin, and set about licking my entire face. What's that all about? It was very cute.)


Anyway, like I was saying. I'm staying home from work today, so that automatically makes it a great day. Plus, the sun is shining! Its been pretty dreary the past few days, so this is refreshing!

I stood in the kitchen, sipping my coffee, and glanced out the window. Out under the old pine trees, I caught a little glimpse of yellow. Could it be? Is it what I think it is? I had to go investigate... so, still wearing my newly thrifted nightgown, I set out with camera in hand.

On my way across the yard to the old pines, I stopped to see how my flower garden's been growing. I'm ashamed to say, its been a while since I went out to my poor gardens! There is no lack of weeds, to be sure! But thankfully, it was mostly just clover; and clover is very easy to just pull out by hand. So I pulled out clump after clump of clover; and when I was finished, I marveled at the enchanted place my garden has become:

Tiny miniature roses filled to the brim with dewdrops...

Flowers I thought had died over the winter have magically reappeared...

Bumblebees stir from their slumber and dry their dew-soaked wings while resting on Cat Mint blossoms.

I can't say enough how tickled I am with my little patch of garden! This is its first year returning, and its more beautiful than I had ever envisioned. Its such a wonderful feeling to see my flowers come back after the long winter. Its like welcoming back old friends. I'm already excited for next year, and this summer has only begun!

After taking a long, deep breath of lavender-scented air, I got back on my course to the old pines. But first, I had to stop at my little veggie patch, which was terribly overgrown with weeds. All of the rain we've been getting has been great for my gardens, but even better for the weeds! As I approached, a young rabbit burst out of the jungle of chocolate mint - Peter Rabbit, in the flesh!

Luckily, it doesn't look like the rabbits have done any damage at all to my vegetables or herbs. I've been pretty disappointed with my lack of broccoli so far... Chris' mom's broccoli is absolutely overflowing, and my 9 plants haven't produced a single bunch... until today, that is!

And....I have peppers! I think this is my green pepper plant (obviously, they're all green when they're small, right?)...I also have red and yellow peppers, but this is the only plant with actual peppers on it so far. Its kind of strange, all of my vegetables seem to be growing at extremely variable rates. I have 9 broccoli plants. 1 is easily a foot-and-a-half tall, and the smallest is only about 8 inches tall, with not much foliage. Is that normal? I probably need to do some composting or something. Anyway, the point is, there are vegetables growing...

New baby tomatoes!

Still no squash, but there are plenty of blooms, so I'm hopeful.

After pulling out some of the weeds in my veggie patch, I headed back toward the pines.... I peered through the shadows, and then misty-morning light.... a bright burst of yellow, as tall as a person, shone through the branches as I finally reached my destination.

My lillies, the first flowers I ever planted (that I can remember) in the old sandbox under the pines. I think I planted these when I was in 6th or 7th grade. I can't even remember. Every year, they come back bigger and more beautiful than ever. Usually there are some dark, velvety-red ones too, but none yet. Lillies are one of my most favorite plants. Just one lilly can make a room more cheery.

The best part is, not only were there lillies to greet me, but also wild raspberries! Thank you, birds!

I picked a few and headed back toward the house. But just a few steps away, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a little bit of magic peeking out of the grass...

Poor little toadstool, I almost stepped on him! Doesn't it look like soft velvet, the way the dew shimmers on the cap?

And then, just a few inches away, I saw this - a fairy circle! I wonder if the fairies were watching me, laughing as I crouched in the grass with my nightgown on?

Laugh all you want, fairies - I know you're there!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! :)

  2. What a fun blog you have!!! Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday! My favorite thing about blogging is making new friends! :)

    I love your garden and all of your gorgeous photos! Please stop by again so I can get to know you! :)


  3. What wonderful pictures..I think pictures are fun to look at..Everyone has something different. You take great shots and I enjoyed every one..

  4. Thank you for the fantastic post, it made me smile!


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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