Monday, July 7, 2008

Chilly toes and snuggly kitties, or, "its not winter, is it?"

Today is a lazy kind of day. Its my first actual day off (where I'm not off at some important to-do, such as a wedding, or driving 5 hours to VA to pick up my mom from my aunt's house, etc.). Its a good day to lay around in my favorite stripey knee-socks (nevermind the little hole in the toe) and a hoodie, with my toes nestled all snug under a furry cat-belly.

You may ask yourself, "why is she wearing a sweatshirt? Isn't it July??" Well, the short answer is that I can't seem to find a happy medium with my a/c in my room. Its either too cold, or too hot. The whole situation is very 'Goldilocks', indeed.

Chris is at his first 'real' day at his new job today. I'm so excited for him... I think he really likes this job a lot! Of course, the little one is going to miss him while he's at work...

Well, I guess I really should get up, put on some actual clothes (though the knee socks may stay today), and go out and do something. I'm thinking I hear the Goodwill calling my name....

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