Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feather Headdress

Ok, I was actually not going to share this drawing on here, but I'm so excited about it I just can't keep it to myself. The idea for this drawing came to me at work this other day, just kind of out of the blue. I drew it up in record time, and I just love how it came out - not to toot my own horn! Hehe.

Anyway, this drawing is in the August issue of Just Because You Can't See It. I'm also thinking about maybe featuring this design on other things..... but we'll see.

I finally got this awesome organizer wristlet from The Laughing House yesterday. It came all the way from Singapore, so it was registered mail (meaning I had to sign for it). The first delivery attempt came while I was on vacation last week. So I went online and scheduled a re-delivery for yesterday since I was off work. Around 11 a.m. I ran to the post office that's down the street from my house to drop off a few packages. When I came home, my grandma told me that the mail truck had just been at our house, with my package. Ugh. She told me to go 'chase him' down the road and get my package. ?!? So....I hopped back in my car and set off to find Mr. Postman. Luckily, I found him a little way down the road. He asked for my pink delivery slip. Crap. Ran back home, got said slip, drove back down the road in chase of the postman, and FINALLY got my package. HA! Anyway, it was totally worth the chase. Look at home awesome this baby is! My grandma didn't believe me that it was handmade. It is of SUPERB quality, for sure. And very inexpensive, too! I am totally carrying this to work today. Thanks Winniel!

And this is my souvenier from the OBX. Its a little picture clip. I absolutely adore it.
This is the picture I have in it:

This is me and Lani on our trip to OBX last March. Notice I'm wearing a TANK TOP. Ah.

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