Monday, September 8, 2008


Ah. You know, sometimes its just really nice to take a little break and have some fun with people you love. Yesterday, I left early in the morning and drove to Annapolis. Lani, her brother Don, and I went to the Maryland Rennaissance Faire (Lani and I's annual tradition; Don is a welcome addition to our tradition). It was so much fun, I completely forgot to take any pictures! I seriously did not take a single one. I'm so mad at myself!

We left the Faire around 5:00 and went back to Lani's to get changed and ready to go to a concert at Ottobar in Baltimore. I loved Ottobar - its really small, but a great atmosphere! The show was amazing - it was Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, Person L, Good Old War, and Anthony Green. AMAZING. We all three decided it was probably the best live show any of us have ever seen. My favorite was actually Good Old War, which is probably my new favorite band. I got their CD, and I think I have the whole thing memorized already, I've listened to it so much since last night! Haha.

Anthony Green is HOTTTT.

Anyway, I had such a blast! I wish I could have stayed longer. I wanted to hit up Forever21 while I was there, but we didn't have time. I did, however, get some new shoes...they are seriously METAAAAAL! Hahahahaha!

Well, now I have to get ready for school (where I shall be until 9:15 tonight)...bleh. I hope everyone had a weekend at least half as fun as mine!

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  1. Sounds like a blast!! I can't wait to go to our fair! I'm going this Saturday with Jameson's sister! :)


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