Monday, December 8, 2008

Silver Bells

Well, not silver bells, but a silver tree......
....with a giant, glittery silver star on the top!Donn and I decorated my room for Christmas today. I wasn't going to decorate my room this year because of time constraints (ie, the trip to Curacao right after Christmas, and getting back the night before the first day of the next semester...oi!), but I just couldn't resist!
I didn't go too crazy, just my small silver tree, a few pom-pom garlands, and some paintings I did last year:

I really love these garlands...I got them on after-Christmas-super-clearance last year at Target, for like .50 cents! So great. My room feels so festive now!
As festive as it all is, I feel pretty bummed out tonight. Finals week is officially in full-swing, which really isn't so terrible; its just that I'm already in a 'this semester is so over!' mindset. That's a bad thing, I'm sure. And besides that, Donn had to go back home tonight. Boo, no fun. Of course, he has to go to work, but still. I hate it so much when he has to leave. At least I know I'll see him again in less than a week. Whew! I just have to get through finals week [alive] and everything will be A-OK! I'm going to spend Monday-Thursday next week in Annapolis with him, so that's exciting. We're going to a metal show on Sunday, haha! It should be interesting. ;)
On a totally unrelated note, sorry for the long silences lately. Life has just been crazy with the semester coming to an end, and of course its the 'holiday-shopping' season at work (bleh), and all that good stuff. I should definitely be able to actually post a bit more often now since everything is slowing down, at least for a few weeks.
Happy Monday, and good luck to everyone else out there who is having finals this week!

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