Thursday, July 23, 2009

And now for something a little different.

Eh, I don't feel like doing a CEO post today. Instead I'll tell you about what I've been doing for the past week or so.
Teddy's mom came to visit last week. She brought TONS of artwork for us: some African and Polynesian masks from her collection, oil paintings, and even a few originals that were done by Teddy's great-grandfather. I haven't hung any of them yet (except for one Polynesian mask) due to a general lack of time and/or the fact that we are apparently still moving to the apartment next door in the very near future (we kind of thought that we weren't since the neighbor still hasn't moved out, but the other day she told Teddy she'll be out soon and the landlords are already expecting us to move, so....looks like we are). Anyway. Julie (Teddy's mom) is in Rockville visiting Teddy's sister now, but she'll be back sometime early next week. Oh! And she also brought us 3 rescued cockatiels. We had been keeping our eyes out for a male for Wendy, and....well, now we have 4 birds. Haha! But our cage is plenty big, and the 3 that Julie brought needed a good home, so we were happy to take them. All 4 of them are getting along quite well, and are becoming quite the little flock. There is one male, and he is a chatterbox! (The desk that the cage is on Julie got at a local thrift store for $5. Nice.)
Wendy, Dodo, Wendy Jr., and the as-yet-unnamed male ("pretty bird")
OK, besides that.... I've been staying pretty busy with my Geog. class in the morning Mon-Thurs, and usually work in the afternoons/evenings. Yesterday was my day off from work, so I spent my afternoon grocery shopping and Target-shopping. I went to Target primarily because I needed some new khakis for work. I found a cute pair of bermuda shorts (yay), and of course I had to peruse the rest of the store. On a whim, I stopped in the Electronics department to see how much the new iPod shuffles are. Teddy had a first-generation Nano that was stolen from his room at the MSC (while we were in FL), and he's really been missing it, so.... I got him a Shuffle. There's not much to it, but he had said that he didn't need something like a Nano with the screen or anything...just something to take his music with him in the car or whatever. And for only $80, I think it was a deal. He's worth it. ;)
Grocery shopping was by-far the best part of my afternoon. I LOVE grocery shopping, especially when the cupboards are EMPTY (they were, and so was the refrigerator). I want to get back into cooking-mode, so I stocked up on fresh veggies and fruits; I went kind of nuts in the vegan aisle - filled my cart with Tofu Pups, Sunshine Burgers, veg. sausages, tofu, soy yogurt, and vegan ICE CREAM! Yay! I found this awesome Seeds of Change Simmer Sauce (here). It just looked so good. I made a 'make-it-up-as-you-go' curry dinner... Tofu, mushrooms, squash, and zucchini simmered in the curry sauce, served over rice, with a side of fried eggplant. It was DELICIOUS. Teddy said I should write my own cookbook. He's so cute.

Um...what else? I made a new little seating area in the living room.

Teddy and I watched Visioneers last was weird, but kind of cool. I just hated that there wasn't any music in the movie. It would have made a big difference, I think. And then we watched The Water Horse, which I've been wanting to see since it first came out. We both enjoyed it. For some reason, that movie reminds me a lot of a family-friendly Pan's Labyrinth. Something about the colors, and of course the war scenes. And I just love Alex Etel , he's so adorable. I want my children to look just like him haha.

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