Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And so it begins.

Ah, here we go. This is the official first blog entry from the school computer lab for the year. *sigh* Its back to the daily grind, people.
Teddy and I had Sunday off from work. We unpacked a little...I still haven't unpacked my clothes yet...living out of a suitcase makes it feel like you're still on vacation, right?.........Riiiight?? Anybody???
Sunday was also our 6-month anniversary (technically a semi-annual, haha), so we went to the movies and saw Transformers 2 (loved it, but was surprised at how 'bad' it was...not so much for kids anymore, eh?) went out for lunch, did some grocery shopping (yet we still have nothing to eat... last night we had cereal for dinner!!), and then went to my parents' house to see everyone and give out presents/souveniers that we got on our journeys. It was an all-around good time. Teddy picked some blackberries from the yard; I rolled around on the ground for about an hour with the doggies. We haven't brought Daisy back to our apartment yet, because we wanted to get our school/work schedules first so we could make sure somebody will be home throughout the day while she readjusts. Poor thing is probably so confused. Nah, actually she seemed really well-adjusted and happy. So cute. And Boo Boo.....boy I missed him!!
Anyway, yesterday we both started another class. Teddy's taking Calc II; I'm in World Geography. My class is soooooo easy, even the professor (whom I've had before and know pretty well) was like, "Why are you in this class??" I just needed another class for my summer grants to be valid, so that was pretty much my only option. No big, I'm guaranteed an A. And, its good to be back in school. I'm realizing how much I really love Shippensburg. Its not Ivy League, but it sure is growing on me. :D
Teddy should be getting out of class soon...we're going to eat some lunch (PB & J!) and head over to our dept. building to work on the Rock Lab some more. Fun, fun. I'm going to try to get on later and post some pictures from the trip.....

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