Saturday, January 30, 2010

From the yellowed pages...

I found the most amazing treasure while antiquing with my parents today...
Normally, a scrap book wouldn't get me too excited, but you see, this is no ordinary scrapbook. There is no owner's name anywhere inside of it, which drives me crazy because I'm so curious to know what kind of a person this used to belong to.
Whoever put this scrapbook together must have been a seriously interesting person. It is filled with little snippets of oddities and just generally weird things. I can't really find any real 'theme' to what this person felt was important to keep (besides a few rather sad articles about a murder-suicide involving a widower, his 'niece-housekeeper-sweetheart', and his 3 little daughters).
As far as I can tell, most of the articles are from around 1934-1935, but the page shown below is dated October 1919. Its a huge spread about palm reading (!!).
The front, back, and a few pages in between are stuffed with more articles that were clipped and never glued-in.
This is one of my favorite bits that I've found so far!

This one is really telling of the times, I think.

It seems like this person lived somewhere close to my town... the article about the murder-suicides said that the 3 little girls' bodies were found in a place that's only about 20 minutes from here! I think the palm reading page came from the Harrisburg Tribune.
I'm going to keep poring through this and posting some pictures from time to time, if anyone is interested!

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