Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it spring yet?

I am sooooo over Winter. I just checked the weather for this week, and we already have a winter storm watch in effect for this area. Looks like we're going to get another 6 - 12" this Tuesday into Wednesday. Like the 2.5 feet we have already isn't enough?! And of course, it was like 60 and sunny in Texas yesterday. This is just so not fair!
Anyway, I think I probably had the laziest weekend EVER. I guess the snow is to blame, but I just could not motivate myself to do ANYTHING. I didn't really have any pressing schoolwork (but of course there was plenty I could have done), so I just didn't do it. I did try, quite a few times, but it just didn't work. Oh, and Teddy and I discovered Skype, so I spent quite a few hours each day chatting face-to-face (!) with my wonderful boyfriend. I don't know why it took us almost a month to remember that we could use our webcams... we had even talked about it before he moved, but I guess we just forgot? Silly us. Anyway, I don't think there is anything quite as wonderful as being able to see his face from 2,000 miles away after a grueling 3 weeks! Now I'm just counting down the next 25 days until I fly out to Texas to visit for my Spring break!

My dad did something really dumb on Saturday...the whole family was outside shoveling snow, he was snowblowing, and...he stuck his hand in the snowblower that was STILL ON (!!!). If he hadn't had big, thick gloves on, he would be a 3-fingered man. Luckily, his gloves saved his hand, and he didn't lose any fingers. He did, however, shatter the bones in 2 of his fingertips (and cut one finger up pretty bad). Silly Daddy. He felt pretty stupid (said he "wasn't thinking" when he did it), but luckily (?) he was only the 5th person at the ER this weekend with the same injury! And actually, a friend of mine's dad was one of the other 'victims', but he wasn't so lucky... he had to have major surgery on his whole hand!

My family did venture out yesterday for lunch at Red Robin, where my sister works... every time I have ever been there, I order a Boca burger (of course!), and every time, it is either frozen in the center or just barely even cooked and still cold. I'm not the kind of person to be rude about it, but I always let the manager know so that they can tell the cooks to pleeeease, cook their Boca burgers a little longer! I tell them I don't want a second burger, because I always get through at least half of my burger before I get to the frozen/cold part... yesterday I ate almost the entire burger because it was cooked, it just wasn't warm at all. And I told my sister (who was waiting on us) not to worry about a second burger, but of course, the manager brought me a whole new burger (plus fries) and took my original burger off the tab. And I think someone else ate my burger! When I got home, it had mysteriously disappeared....

My mom, dad, and I went to Target after lunch to get some gauze/medical tape for my dad's hand. I got a few goodies, which I was in desperate need of. I'm telling you, Sonia Kashuk is where it's at!

Eco-Tools brush set....awesome!!

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