Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things I Love Today

Ms. Gainsbourg (whom I find both beautiful and terrifying...have you seen Antichrist???) Her music is wonderful, though - I bought her new album today!
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I wish I could see the ocean today... here are a few ocean-y things I've acquired (as I tend to do) recently:
An old (70s?) menu from a restaurant around the Chesapeake Bay. I just love the images from this.

I especially love this sea monster - I think if I were to get another tattoo, it would be an old-timey-map-style sea monster like this one:
I found a book from the series The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau. Its voume 4, titled Window in the Sea. Its from 1975, and it had never even been cracked! Its amazing. Most of the images are circular so it looks like you're peeking through a submarine window.
This is one of my favorite images from the book. So very Zissou!!
This picture isn't from the book, I just think its awesome.
(via WeHeartIt)

I also love my smelly dogs, cowboy boots, new Spring flowers, tights, and coffeeee!!

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