Thursday, April 22, 2010

New-Old Stuff

Its been a while since I went thrifting, and yesterday was my lucky day! Well, let me back up - Wednesday mornings I clean house for an older couple, Jim and Julie. Actually, I clean BOTH of their houses - I do housework in the house they currently live in, and occasionally we go over to the house they used to live in and left a lot of stuff in. This stuff is awesome. Jim and Julie are in their late 60s - early 70s, and you can imagine how much stuff they have accrued over the past few decades. And its cool stuff. So anyway, Julie and I go over to the old house and clean and sort through all of the stuff. Some of it goes to their current residence, some goes to the Goodwill, some goes to auction, and some just gets thrown out. And, Julie has told me many times, if there is anything I see that I want, just ask and 9 times out of 10, I'm welcome to it. For free.

So yesterday, we were cleaning the basement, which is filled with awesome stuff. I walked by this teal-blue window fan like 10 times before I decided I just had to have it. I even offered to buy it from Julie, because I'm pretty sure its worth a little bit of money, but she insisted I just take it.

So cool. And it works.
I also filled a small box with other treasures...

Are those teeth not hilarious? Jim is a retired dentist, and Julie found the worst (best!) ones for me, haha.
And that little vial of gold fillings? OMG.

So I was super-stoked when I left their house yesterday, and just had to go to the thrift store that's just down the street. And its a good thing I did. I got a new set of sheets and a pretty (and good quality!) afghan for my bed.

I also got a cute pink skirt (Gap kids!) hahaha.
It was an awesome thrifting day.

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