Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I Love: Hello Kitty!

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The other day, I found my long-lost (long story!) stash of purses, one of which is the coolest Hello Kitty purse EVER! I was so excited to have found it, and I think it rekindled my love for all things HK. I even dug-out my Pandapple blankie, awww.

I want to ride! I'm guessing this is here? Vacation time!!

I will be requiring these for my next birthday (its only about 7 months away...start planning!) :-D

And this must be Miss H.K.'s fence, of course. Cute!!

I wish I'd see this driving down the street...I think I'd probably squeal aloud.

And this is just wayyy too cute to eat!
I have only recently become fascinated with Bento... haven't tried to make anything yet, but I definitely foresee it in my future.... stay posted!

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