Sunday, July 18, 2010

Psssst....there are some new things in the shop today!

Isn't this little earring tree the cutest???

I really kinda want to keep it for myself, but...too late - its already in the shop! I guess I don't really need it...but I'm going to be jealous of whoever buys it! ;-)

I still have more stuff to photograph and list, but that'll have to wait... I have some housework to do before my mom gets home from Virginia this afternoon!


  1. Veronica! ....are those long chains??? CUTE!!


  2. The pressed flower necklace has the longest chain - its about 24" total length. The other 2 are on 18" chains. There are pictures of the necklaces being worn (so you can see the length) on each listing. ;)


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