Friday, August 13, 2010

A day in Baltimore

Sabrina and I decided to take a little trip to Baltimore. I don't know why we don't go there more often - its a little less than 2 hours away, and its a really easy drive. We spent the whole day eating, and shopping (details tomorrow), and (my favorite) taking in the National Aquarium. I love aquariums. I'm actually thinking about applying for a job there, since I will be graduating in a few short months and should probably look into getting a job....

Anyway, here's our day:

Lunch at Noodles & Co. as soon as we parked the car (we were hungry!)

**Hours of shopping at Urban Outfitters (which is conveniently located next-door to Noodles & Co.) and Forever21 (right across the street) - ah, heaven.

Then over to the Aquarium!

The jellyfish are my favorite!!

Chillin' in Australia (ok, not the real Australia, but still).

Something funky happened here, but I think it looks cool...

Sabrina snapped this one. Love it!
All of the pictures (besides the last one which was taken by Sabrina) were taken with my brand new Olympus camera. I'm still figuring out all the settings, but I'm really pleased with how the day's pictures came out! Its always really hard to get good pictures at aquariums (its hard for me, anyway), but I think I got some great shots! Yay!

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