Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Fall

Hooray, today is finally not 95 degrees! Its a chilly, rainy day - perfect for lots of layers! I'm wearing what I think will be my most favorite Autumn ensemble. I'm at school, so I can't take a picture.... but I will tell you, I'm wearing my new foxy tights! Yay! I'll try to get a picture later. I hate that I don't have a good place to take outfit pictures! My room is so teeny-tiny, I can't ever get a full shot of myself! Grrr.
Oh yeah, so on Saturday, Sabrina and I went back to the Rennaissance Faire! I love that place! I got some really good stuff on that trip, but the pics are on my other laptop at I'll have to do a post all about the Faire later this evening. Afterward, we made a little trip to Anthropologie...Sabrina had never been before, and I wanted to have a look around. Not that I can afford much there (someday....), but I did pick up those tights and a really pretty candle holder. I also felt really inspired to start customizing some of my clothes.... I saw lots of embroidered details that I loved. Anthro has great stuff, but I just can't afford it....however, I think I could probably make my own for soooo much cheaper!

I feel so sleepy today! My alarm didn't go off this morning (no clue why; it was definitely set.... maybe I woke up and turned it off, and have absolutely no recollection of that?), so I slept an hour late! But I still had plenty of time to get ready - I only got to drink 1 cup of coffee though!! Not good! So I bought some coffee from the little cafe here on campus.... and they don't have soy milk anyore! > <
That's not fair!! But oh, well. I'm drinking it black because I neeeed it.

I think this week is going to be a pretty easy-going one... my cartography prof. is away at a conference this week, so that's one less class on Tuesday, and no classes on Thursday! Of course I have a big project to do, but its not due for another 2 weeks. Plus its supposed to stay pretty chilly, so I'm a happy clam.

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