Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stack 'em up!

I intended on having some more interesting posts for you today, but I ended up being pretty busy over my whole 4-hour break between classes (I think that's going to be the norm) and, well, my head is too stuffy to be very interesting right now. I'm feeling pretty icky with either allergies or a cold or some yuckiness of that sort. I took some Benadryl a little while ago, so I'll probably be in bed by about 7:00 tonight, haha.
Anyway, I'll just show you some pictures of some really cool stuff I have purchased on Etsy recently...

Gemstone stacking ring by Purple Moon Gifts
I'm really super-obsessed with stacking gemstone rings lately... I have my most favorite ring that I wear every day, and over the past week or so I just decided that I need more. This shop is really affordable gemstone jewelry! I can't wait to get this ring in the mail.... it will be like the black ring shown in the picture above, but I asked for a faceted smoky quartz stone instead. I just love the twisted band!

These two rings (left: labradorite; right: amber) from Birka Scandinavian
Aren't they gorgeous? This shop is also super-affordable! Man. I can't wait to get all my new rings and stack 'em up!

I'm also waiting on this awesome necklace by DrCraze...

Its made with concrete and broken glass... how freaking cool is that??

So...that's the stuff that I've snatched up on Etsy recently. What are some of your favorite Etsy finds recently?


And on a completely different note, the weirdest thing ever happened to me earlier. I was babysitting this afternoon (as I do every afternoon), and my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but the person on the other line started talking to me like we were best friends... and she knew my name. She said, "Oh, Veronica, I just realized I still have your ID... did you need it back tonight?" I said, "Umm... who is this?" I couldn't understand what she said, but I definitely didn't recognize her voice, and I definitely didn't give anyone my student ID to print anything today! Printing costs money - use your own ID! So I told her that I didn't give anyone my ID.... maybe she is mistaken? She was like, "Veronica. You don't remember giving me your ID today after Chemistry?" OK, I did have Chemistry today, but.... I know I didn't give anyone my ID! I said, "...Noooo..... ???" And I really started to feel paranoid, like this is some crazy scam or something.... someone stole my ID after Chemistry today and I'm going to get it back and they'll have used up all of my printing priveleges or something!? Well, to make a long story short, we figured out that she was was trying to get in touch with some other girl named Veronica (which doesn't happen too often) who also has Chemistry on Wednesdays (with a different professor, as it turns out) who is a friends with my lab partner from Chem last year.... apparently the girl who called me asked another girl from her class (who happened to be my lab partner from a previous chem class, last year) if she "had Veronica's number", and I guess that girl looked in her cell phone and didn't realize it was the wrong Veronica! Anyway, it was weird. Haha.

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