Friday, September 3, 2010

What's in your bag? ~Back-to-School edition!~

Here's my backpack. Yes, its a guys' bag, but I carry a lot of stuff around, and girls' backpacks are way too small to hold all my stuff! Plus it has an insulated compartment, like a lunchbox. I bought this one last year, and I really like it. So there.

 Paul Frank folder, 5-subject notebook, weekly planner (I would be so lost without one!), super high-tech calculator (haha), safety goggles (!!)

 Reusable sandwich pouch, water bottle, little Poketo pouch for my iPod + headphones, bigger Poketo pouch for my wallet/cell phone/etc.

 Sanrio pouch for: Hello Kitty binder clips (a gift from Sabrina yesterday to congratulate me on my new job!), Burt's Bees lip balm (favorite), 2 flash drives + agate keychain, zebra and lion paper clips, sticky notes of various sizes and colors, awesomely cute Japanese erasers (seal, sunfish, and cookie!).
Just a side note - Five Below has the cutest school supplies right now! TONS of adorable erasers from Japan, little Sanrio pouches, animal-shaped paperclips.... I looooove cute school supplies; they make it so much more bearable! Haha!

What do you have to have at school?

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  1. OMG I LOVEEE that biscuit eraser!!!

    So cute!

    I just got a bunch of new stuff from this store Here is some of what I got, you'll love it!

    I love back to school shopping! yay!


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