Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creatures of the night

Last night, me, Sabrina, and our friend Sarah went to Hershey's ZooAmerica. Another girl that we met on our trip to Mississippi works there, so she let us in for freeee! I didn't know, but the zoo is open year-round, and they're open until 10:00 p.m. (I'm not sure if its open that late year-round, or if it was for Halloween weekend, or what). To celebrate Halloween, they do a "Creatures of the Night" thing, where you walk around with flashlights and they had lots of tents set up with educational displays, live animals to learn about, and activities!

The zoo has only animals found in North America. My favorites were, of course, all the owls! 

We made luminaries!
I drew some weird geometric designs....

There were lots of cool light displays...

Cool-looking rock. 

And, um.... I sort of had a bigfoot sighting! 
Yes, that is actually a Bigfoot.... I guess it was a Zoo employee? He was walking around the zoo, but off of the regular trails... hiding behind trees...he would do the classic "bigfoot walk", and then run away when he saw people with cameras! It was hilarious!

And this is Henrietta. She's a 17-year old Barred Owl, and she's blind in her left eye. Bev let us pet her! I never realized until last night, but I always wanted to pet an owl - dream come true!

And then, since we were in Hershey, we had to go to Chocolate candy!
I'm always sad because Hersheys' claim to fame is its milk chocolate...meaning, there's not much for us vegans! But I found some vegan chocolate at their giant candy store, yay! Its amazing.

Sarah left her camera and flashlight in my car, so we're meeting up for a hike before it gets too cold - its going to be a great weekend!

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