Monday, October 18, 2010

In which I have severe A.D.D.

So, its Monday evening (night?) and I should be studying for tomorrow's Cartography midterm....but I can't concentrate! I went through all 14 pages (typed!) of my notes already, and then.... well, my mind wandered. I'm just not good at concentrating in the evening! I've said it a million times, and people still think I'm insane - I would rather wake up at 4 a.m. and study for a few hours than do it in the late afternoon or evening. Any time after about 3:00, really. I am so much more focused in the early morning, and by the time afternoon/evening rolls around I'm practically braindead! Its terrible. But, no matter. I'm sure I'll do fine on the exam tomorrow. I drank a lot of coffee this afternoon, so I probably won't be going to bed until late tonight.... there's plenty of time to study still!

I have this bubbly, excited feeling on my insides..... I am getting so super-psyched for Halloween! This is seriously the first time in years that I've actually done anything to celebrate! Isn't that awful?! I was always scheduled to work, and honestly, there isn't much to do around here for Halloween unless you're a child or you have children of your own. So..... that's why I'm so pumped about this year! And its not that I'm doing anything too exciting.... I'm just going with the kids I babysit to a Halloween party, haha! Its like a town-wide party, and apparently its sort of a big deal, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm just excited to be dressing up! I finally decided on a costume yesterday, and....its a secret! I haven't told anyone what I'm dressing up as yet, but I will give a few hints:
- Its NOT scary; its something super-cute!
- I'm using things I already own (but I did have to buy 1 *important* accessory, on Etsy!)

Does anyone care to guess what I'm dressing as? I might just have a prize for the first person who guesses correctly before the Halloween party this Saturday (Oct. 23)!

Here are 2 super-grainy clues.....

So....leave a comment with your guess as to what I'm dressing as for Halloween, and the first person to guess correctly will get a Halloween treat!

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