Saturday, November 27, 2010

Festive feathers

Hope you all like the new layout!
I really needed to spruce up around here, and I think it looks much neater now - and festive! What do you think about the new banner? That's a drawing I did with the kids I babysit the other day.... we were making Thanksgiving drawings (and hand turkeys!), so I drew some feathers. I've finally acquired some Adobe Illustrator skills (thank you, Cartography!) so....that is officially the first drawing I ever digitized! I love how it turned out - I made about 20 different colorways! Pink and red just seemed the most festive. ;-)

Speaking of festive feathers, I made a half-dozen of these ornaments the other day.... super-easy and super-cheap!! Not to mention super-pretty. I'd love to have a whole tree covered in these!

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