Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy December-Eve!!

I'm really excited for December.... it means the end of the semester (and...graduation!), holiday fun, and a new year! All things I'm looking forward to very much.

Being the last 2 weeks (week and a half, now!) of the semester, I've already mentally checked-out, and have been spending most of my "free" time journaling. It feels so good to be doing something creative again!! I love school, but the creative side of my brain (the better side) suffers greatly.

I thought Mr. Darwin looked a little sad, all alone on the front cover of my journal, so I started a background for him. I think he's much more comfortable now.

I had to do an owlette page. Have you seen this???
Too. cute.

I had a lot of fun ripping up papers and sticking glittery stickers all over the place :-D
Aren't those flowers the best? I bought a massive...barrel??...of them at A.C. Moore the other day - all different colors, textures, and prints... so much fun!

As always, I'm so glad that today is over...Tuesdays are my worst day! But, its nice because its all uphill after that!

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