Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy happy happy Friday!!!

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It has been a fabulous day!

1. I discovered that I don't have to keep a certain grade in Chemistry, I just have to pass (which, at this point, is very good news!)

2. My advisor just got back from the annual GSA meeting in Denver (which I was sorely disappointed I didn't get to go to this year), and he brought me back lots of goodies, PLUS he said that someone (he doesn't know who it was) recognized his name as being attached to MY research, and asked about his student who did work about the CVI last year.....that's me! Its really exciting to know that my research is getting attention out in the real world, especially as an undergrad!

3. Dr. C also unveiled a super-exciting bit of news.... in the past few weeks, he has been communicating with some folks at NASA, and he and I, plus a prof from another university, are going to be starting a long-term shoreline monitoring project at the NASA facility at Wallops Island, VA!! That means: (1) monthly trips to Wallops (yay!), plus 'emergency' trips after any 'event' (i.e. storms or shuttle launches!); and (2) NASA-funded research!! That will look goooood on a resume!

Here's me doing some work at Wallops in summer '09

4. It was I treated myself at Borders, and I got a new coat at Marshalls (pictures later!)
5. Its Friday...that's good on its own!!!

OK, I just realized that probably nobody has a clue what I'm talking about, with all the "GSA, CVI, etc." stuff here.... so, if anyone is actually interested (and it is interesting, I think), I can do a post about my research...its all about coastlines, and what happens with sea level rise, especially during hurricanes. Pretty cool and important, especially if you live near the coast..... and, it means I get to go to the beach pretty often for "research", tee hee.

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