Friday, November 12, 2010

A new and fascinating hobby!

(Title borrowed from this photo from Elsie's blog post)

This post over at A Beautiful Mess officially made me want to start my own art journal. I've thought to myself before, "Oh, that looks like fun" but always sort of dismissed the idea. I think the timing just wasn't right. Lately, though, I've felt like I need some kind of creative outlet.... my free-time is very limited, and most of the time I don't feel inspired to draw or would just zap too much of my energy (isn't that horrible?). But keeping an art journal seems....easier, somehow? I see inspiring things every day - I'm notorious for picking up feathers I find, or pretty flowers, or bits of pretty yarn -  and I love the thought of having them all in one place. Plus, an art journal is something I can just throw in my bag/backpack.... tuck a few things in the pages during the day, and glue them when I have a chance later!

A quick search on Etsy led me to a few great shops with really pretty hand-bound journals, but coreymarie stood out the most. I chose a recycled-pages journal and a super-cute ephemera pack, plus a cute mini-journal for my science-y inspiration!

*Photos borrowed from coreymarie's etsy shop*

I'm so excited to get these in the mail and start journaling! I've already started rifling through my magazines and cutting pretty things out.....

Does anyone else out there keep an art or inspiration journal?
I'd love to see some pictures!


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