Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Weeks - WEEK 2

(Click for the Week One post)

So! Here is this week's photo for my 52 Weeks project - I hope you like it! That's me, standing in the snow in my yard. We have close to a foot! I'm pretty much over it and ready for Spring now, hehe.

Is anyone else doing a 52 Weeks project? If you are, you should join our Flickr pool! I love seeing the different things that other people have chosen to document throughout the year...I'm taking one instax photo per week so I can practice using my new toy! Some people are document their cats, or their style, or their relatives....

Are you doing a 52 Weeks project?
Its never to late to start - do it today!!

Check out the Flickr pool
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  1. I made my resolution to make a sketch a day. So it won't be the 52 Weeks project for me this year... (Don't want to overwhelm myself.) But all the best to you! I'll check back in later to see your progress ;)


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