Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotlight on: VioletGiftShop

Good morning, everyone!

I discovered a pretty pink package on my livingroom table this morning... my stickers from VioletGiftShop!
I have always loved stickers....who doesn't?? So when I stumbled across these on Etsy, I nearly died of happiness! Seriously, how cute are they??

All photos are from VioletGiftShop's Etsy shop

I had such a hard time deciding which ones to order....I went back and forth between about 5 different styles, but I finally decided on the Rainbow Market pack and the Polaroid Deco pack. The Rainbow Market stickers I bought specifically for my daily planner...they're cute and little, and have little inspirational sayings like "You can do it!" and "Have a great day!". Sometimes I need those reminders!!

The Polaroid deco pack is for my 52 Weeks instax photos! I'm not quite sure exactly what I want to do with all of my Instax (I've been putting them in my art journal thus far), but I definitely know that I'll be able to fancy 'em up with those stickers!!

I will definitely be stopping by VioletGiftShop again! The shipping was super-fast (especially since it was international!), and Violet even sent along an extra little gift! So sweet. :-)

Here are some other cute things I have my eye on from her shop:

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  1. what an adorable shop, love all the stuff you picked out too

  2. great! thanks for this etsy tip. such darling things there.


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