Thursday, February 24, 2011

Camera talk - digital vs. old school!

I have a growing fascination with cameras. For years I only used my digital camera...right now I use an Olympus Stylus Tough 3000. Its pretty great! ♥ But... there is something about an actual print photograph that is simply magical... you just never know what you're going to get when you snap that picture!

That's the reason I embarked on my 52 Weeks of Instax project... I got an Instax Mini 25 for Christmas, and I wanted to figure out how to capture moments with it. So far, so good... until yesterday. hehe. I wanted to snap a picture of something I sketched for the kiddos the other day while babysitting, and....well, it didn't work out so well. More on that tomorrow with this week's installment of 52 Weeks!

Anyway! Back to the camera talk. Lindsay made a post today about some cool cameras she spotted on Poketo. Well, I got pretty excited about the Slim Angel, and for only $25 on Amazon, I had to snatch it up! (It helps that I had a $25 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket!)

How cool do those pics look?! I'm so stoked to try out a 35mm camera again... it has literally been probably 20 years since I used one!!

What do you prefer - digital or old-school?? 


  1. I haven't used a "real" film camera in years, either. I tried to use my sister-in-law's briefly at some family gathering and it was like brain surgery. But she has some fancy Canon, and these look much more my speed!

  2. Being a digital photography major i REALLY miss 35mm cameras. I took a photography 101 class once and I loved working in the dark room and developing my own film. I'm terrifed of the dark but there was something about it that didn't make me afraid at all. I love the photos that Slim Angel took. I may have to invest in one!!! ^_^ thanks for sharing it!!

  3. I love analog cameras! Obviously, I use digital. it's hard not too, but the film cameras are magical! I love that one you linked to, it's going on my wishlist!

    I have the diana mini and the instax mini and instax wide. i have an old SLR and old rangefinder but i gotten them working yet. and i have 3 polaroid cameras.. i know im missing some in that, lol. I need to take a photo of all my cameras!

  4. I use a bit of old SLR with good film...a diana mini, a polaroid and digital. I consider it kind of like having an open to use with whatever mood takes us.

    (Hello from EBT by the way. )

  5. I love digital. I'm not a fab photographer and digital lets me take as many photos as I need without destroying the budget. But I can't say I don't have a certain nostalgia for film.

  6. Using digital really frees up the time element for my biz. But I still love old-school too!

  7. Oooh - I'm *so* jonesing for a film camera! Lovely!!

  8. I was very resistant towards digital cameras. I love my prints and the process of developing your own film. Of course this was before I had my Etsy shop. Now I rely on my digi cam. My newest obsession is the camera on my iphone. :)

  9. I have been using a Nikon for a while and I love it. I have a polaroid camera but the film has been discontinued..I have one box of film left but don't want to use it! Because some home the film is going for alot of money on ebay so I am going to keep it incase I ever want to take a few photos on it.
    I really love the look of your white instant camera!

    Perhaps it is on the list of things to buy...

    Check my 10 weekly favourites on my blog. Little surprise for you and your hair pieces!

    La xo

  10. I just got a NikonD90 and it's fantastic! I don't know if I could go back to film because of the convenience of digital. However, there was a kind of excitement about getting your photos developed and not knowing how everything came out!

  11. Very cool! I bet I haven't used a 35mm in 20 years, either.


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