Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet Jake Smith.

Meet Jake Smith.
12 inches tall, light-skinned, kinda fuzzy. Also lumpy, because he's stuffed with shredded napkins. No mouth, so he can't talk back (though I'm told he communicates with his mind). Wears a flesh-toned button-down suit...and no shoes.

Also, he's going to a party.

Earlier this week (like, on Monday), Ethan got it in his head that he wanted to make a little doll for him to cuddle (he's the sweetest kid ever). I told him I'd try to get some stuff together so we could make it on Friday. He asked me every day if we were going to make the doll yet. He was so excited. So yesterday, I grabbed some felt, a few buttons from my collection, and my hot glue gun before I picked the kids up from school. I cut out a gingerbread-shaped body, let Ethan pick out the doll's features (eyes, buttons), and set about gluing and stuffing...STUFFING! Oh crap! I totally forgot about having to stuff the doll. So we used what we had available....shredded napkins. Hahaha! It worked out fine.

Ethan decided that Jake (named after the Twilight character, I'm guessing?) didn't need a mouth - he communicates with his mind, of course. I thought Jake needed a little something I made him a snazzy little party hat. Ethan was freaking out, giggling hysterically because Jake is "sooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!" And that I'm going to be the best, most beautiful babysitting in the whole world EVER for the rest of his life! (All because I made Jake Smith) :-D

Also this week, the kids brought their school pictures home and each of them gave me one. Ethan told me that next year, I'll get a 3rd grade picture of him, and the next year a 4th grade one, and then a 5th grade one... but then he probably won't see me anymore after that. "Why not?" I asked. His response? "Because I'll be older, and probably dating by then."


This kid kills me.

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  1. that little doll dude is so cute! it sounds like you guys had a blast creating him. your so creative it kills me! ^_^


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