Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning sunbathing time

Some scenes from my morning:

Cosmo sunbathing on my bed
Cosmo cute kitty sunbathing

cute kitty cat

vintage funky floral curtains

"Laaaaazy Daisy" as she's known around here ;) 
cute dog sleeping

Pretty turquoise fingernails 
pretty turquoise nail polish

And Duffy, who desperately needs a bath.
I'm a bad dog-mama. 
cute dog sleeping

I spent my morning doing the homework that I've been putting off for the past week.
I need to be on campus to do my lab that's due tomorrow, but...I decided to just do it tomorrow so I could be lazy at home today. I am seriously the world's worst (best?) procrastinator!

Now I'm eating homemade lentil & cabbage soup (yum!) and beer bread. Beer bread is possibly one of my very most favorite things to cook. Its so easy and delicious!! The loaf is almost gone, so maybe I'll make a new loaf tonight and share a recipe??

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  1. I love that nail colour! Also, your pets look really cute :) Not dirty at all!


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