Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shop update!

I've been hard at work most of the day, photographing and listing some new items in the shop!!

Puss in Boots kids' dinner set

Aaaaand....... some new stationery!

I looove these two new sets...they make me think of the warm weather that isn't too far off now. I think Sweet Spring is my favorite set that I've made so far! I think I might have to make a set for myself, hehe.


  1. That stationery is just adorable, I love it! Makes me wish for Spring just a little harder x

  2. New items and photos look great! It is exhausting (in a good way) and so time consuming to list new items but so worth it in the end! New to your blog and off to check out your shoppie next :) - Cat

  3. congrats on the stellar accomplishment! purdy new items that i'm swooning over total. you should feel so proud of the life you are designing. xo ♥


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