Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stellar headbands are now in the shop!!!!

Reach for the stars with style in this eyecatching headband. Five glittering stars along a length of satin ribbon form a twinkling constellation to adorn your head! Wear it for a night out on the town or add some whimsy to any outfit!

There are 4 listed in the shop right now - turquoise, copper, black, and custom. There are eight colors available, I just haven't gotten around to photographing all of them yet! The colors available are silver, gold, copper, black, pearl, pink, turquoise, and green-gold. Convo me for a custom listing!

I am soooooo excited about these! I wear my gold Stellar headband all the time, and I always get lots of compliments when I'm out-and-about!


  1. You look HOT!
    Sweet greeting with heart&soul
    from Sil

  2. These are very cool! I bet a turquoise and pink one would look great!!!

  3. Those are cute headbands! I was wondering what the stars were attached to in your other post.

  4. so sweet!! Do you ship to the UK?


  5. cute - I made something similar today!


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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