Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awesome day!

Well, it looks like its "that time of year" again - something must be blooming because everyone I know came down with a cold on Sunday.. myself included! Its nothing major, just a runny nose (which is pretty gross). Nothing a little Dayquil can't help. ;-)

Even though I was heavily medicated yesterday (or maybe because I was heavily medicated? Hehe), it was such an awesome day!! I picked up the kiddos an hour later than normal because apparently they're doing some Chess Club thing on Mondays now... so I have an extra hour to myself (sweeeet). After babysitting, I went back to campus to get some work done before my night class started at 6:30 - in that time, I got to eat a piece of vegan pie (in celebration of Pi Day!), found out that I most likely got a full scholarship for next year (but I don't like to count my chickens, so... fingers crossed!), aaand got the go-ahead to start pricing wetsuits so we can include them in our equipment funding request (which means I don't have to fork out my own cash for one)! Awesome-awesome-awesome.

So...if anyone knows anything, or has some helpful hints about buying wetsuits.... please do share!
I'm pricing coldwater suits (5mm) - 1 for women, and 1 for men. I have no clue about sizing or anything! I wish we had a local shop where we could try them on...but...uh, I live in south-central PA!!

All I know is, I want to look like this:


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  1. Veronica, I think you will be way more cute in a wet suit than Jacques Cousteau ever was! Now, his grandson, Philippe Cousteau Jr., that's a whole different ball park, er ocean! lol


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