Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Ever-Growing To-Do List

Eww, its such a dreary grey day outside.... the perfect weather for staying in bed all day!
Unfortunately, someone else will have to enjoy that for me because I have soooo much to do today. And every day. haha!

I slept in until 7:30 this morning - still recovering from the weekend of field work. That cold Atlantic wind sucks the energy right out of ya! Which reminds of my assistants uploaded their pictures last night -

That's me in the green coat on the right...puffed up like a marshmallow :D
I literally had on 6 shirts. That's how cold it was.

So...I've done lots of coastal environment field work over the past few years... in Virginia, Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Florida Keys, and Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. So my usual 'uniform' consists of shorts, a bathing suit, sunscreen, flip flops, snorkel get the picture.

These are from my various field work locations over the past 3 years. The only
photos I didn't take are the ones with me in them; those were taken by my advisor. ;)
P.S. I highly recommend clicking and enlarging this picture!
Especially on the seahorse and the fish... soooo pretty!

But this research will have us out there on the beach once a month, every month, for the next year (through April 2012). And this was my first time doing any work in the winter. Needless to say, I need to get some more varied field gear! My plan is to go to Dick's Sporting Goods first, then maybe over to the outlets...there's a Columbia store and an L.L. Bean store there... I don't know yet. This stuff can be so expensive! I'm not going to go overboard, but there are definitely a few key items (like GLOVES!) that I'm willing to splurge on if they're going to keep my fingers from being frostbitten!!

The trick is going to be getting myself motivated enough to shower and get dressed to go out in the icky rainy weather. Bleh.

Then, after I shop and run a few errands, I'm heading over to my advisor's house, where we will most likely sit side-by-side, laptops in front of us, kickin' the jams on our 4-page To-Do list. Awesome.

And that's my advisor, Sean, about to take a dip in the cold, cold water. Hehe.


  1. This is really amazing! What a great adventure you get to be involved with. You are really lucky!

  2. Sounds interesting. What do you do?

  3. Wow you have an awesome job :) Love the photos!

  4. A.Alexandra - I'm a Geoenvironmental grad student; my field of study is Coastal Geomorphology - basically, how the coast changes over time. I'm looking at how/if human engineering of the Wallops Island, VA coastline (engineered by NASA) will impact the shape of the beach, and the fresh groundwater that is under the beach.

    Mindi - unfortunately its not a JOB...I'm a grad student, aka FREE LABOR! ;) The research I started over the weekend is my Masters thesis. The pictures you see in the post were taken over the past 3 years during various field trips I've taken with my advisor. I'm definitely in the right field! ;)

  5. wow, that looks amazing! I'm jealous. ; )

  6. I am so jealous that you work so closely with your adviser! I am kind of alienated from mine (and right now he's actually on leave). Have fun! I love how collaborative the sciences can be -- wish the humanities were more that way!

  7. These photos make me want to go to he beach, like, right now!
    Loving your blog :)


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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