Saturday, March 19, 2011

A punky reggae party

It hit around 80 degrees yesterday, so I went into full wishing-for-summer mode!
I got my warm-weather clothes out, packed away my chunky sweaters, and drove with my sunroof open...all while listening to Bob Marley, of course. :-D

I'm a huuuuge reggae chill, and super-fun at the same time!
You can't help but bob to the music (or I can't, anyway!)

Here are some things you might wear to a punky reggae party ;-)

Billabong bikini top, bottom

I neeeeed these, like, bad.

Billabong "No Woman" bag

The Body Shop - coconut body butter
Nothing says "beach party" more than the scent of coconuts!
I totally bought this, the body scrub, and the body wash last night...hehe

Bob Marley's "Legend"

Aaand, here's a playlist to get you in the summer mood! :-)

I'm off to finish going through all of my spring/summer clothes, cleaning and organizing my room... I'm in Spring-cleaning mode too!

Do you like reggae, or have any recommendations?
What's your favorite 'summer' music???


  1. I love Bob Marley! It looks like a good time to me ^_^ I like to pull out some good old 90s music in the summer time. There sooo much good music out there is really hard to decided! Have fun getting ready for hot weather!

  2. I love reggae as well! It is particularly awesome in the summer time but good year round too! I'd recommend some Sister Nancy, Steel Pulse, or Culture for some summer reggae jams!



  3. wow, 80 is awesome weather girl! you are SO lucky, can't wait to have our very own reggae madness ova heah too!!!!!

    adore BM & the whole Marley fams. when we were in Jamaica last year and i sat on my little beach mat listening to his tunes i actually started to cry. it was truly emotional to be on his home turf and listen to his music. it all felt different somehow.

    and yah, i'd be into any of those hot items, plus maja slaths of coconut lotion. mmmm, divine! so you HAVE to check out a band called Ruffian Royale, i think you'll dig it and their site is ALL free downloads. one of the members went out with my girlfriend, they are super fellas. ♥


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