Sunday, March 27, 2011


We were supposed to get some snow last night and this morning, but instead the sky is blue and the sun is shining! Of course, its only 35 degrees, but that's ok. Do you think I was disappointed in the lack of snow?? ;-)

I have been hard at work getting stuff done for this coming week... I have a big mapping project due (started it yesterday in true Veronica fashion), a lab due and an exam on Tuesday (I'll study on Monday), and, most importantly, I've been getting everything ready for our first official data collection trip to Wallops next weekend! I spent hours yesterday making equipment lists, biological census sheets, data collection sheets... it sounds like it would be a pretty quick task (and I thought it would be) but it took wayyy longer than I had expected! But, I'm happy to say, I'm very pleased with what I've accomplished so far!

Here's a little preview of my mapping project so far... it took me forever to get the people drawn!!

I'd share the data collection sheets, but they're really not very exciting... although I'm excited about them, hehe. They're all 'official-looking' so we can show them to NASA and they'll be impressed. ;-)

I've been getting a steady stream of packages in the mail over the past few days... all of the gear (and other goodies, hehe) I've been ordering is finally coming! I'll have to do a separate post so I can show you all of the awesome stuff I got!

Oh, one more thing - for any surfer girls (or wannabe surfer girls, like me, hehe) who may read this, Killer Dana is having an awesome sale! Buy any pair of boardshorts, get 50% off of a pair of sandals. That includes sale items!! I definitely just ordered 2 pairs of boardshorts, and got 2 pairs of sandals 50% off! I needed some new 'flops, but I also got these (that you know I've been drooling over for a while)! No way I'd be able to find them for cheaper than 50% off!! Sweeeeet.
Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to do a separate post about all of my new stuff. Yikes. Hehe.
Ok, back later!!


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  1. is that a sanuk?! i like sanuk..... u had a very busy schedule.... tc


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