Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump #2

So, here's what I've been up to over the past few weeks:

I spent about a week visiting my bestie in Maryland....
we took a day-trip to Baltimore...

I bought this awesome headband at Urban Outfitters...

We spent some time in downtown Annapolis...

...spent a day in Ocean City, MD...

This store window display in downtown
Annapolis was made entirely out of food!!

After I came back home to PA, I worked on my tan a little more... hehe

I took Chase, who was getting pretty grubby, to get groomed!

Oh, and I got a new hat. :)

Chase looked (and felt!) much better after getting groomed.
Look at that smile!

I made friendship bracelets!

I got these wicked shoes on sale at Kohl's the other day for only $8!

Since getting contacts, I have acquired many, many pairs of sunglasses...

My newest shades....leopard print!!

Daisy and I have been rockin' out to some new jams...

And this is what happens when I take everything off of my bed to change the linens...
the animals think I'm telling them to create a blanket fort!

Umm...what else?

Oh! Lani and I saw Alexander & the Magnetic Zeros a couple of weeks back! It was awesome because it was sort-of an amalgamation of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and lead-man Alexander Ebert... many of the band members played some of their own personal songs that they've been working on, as well as some brand new material that had never been played for an audience before that show! It was amaaaazing!

Some of the images in the collage above are of the opening band, He's My Brother She's My Sister. They were fantastic! I sort of love them.

I had never heard of HMBSMS, but I fell instantly in love with them. I mean, they have an official tap-dancer, and she wore a sequin dress and was probably the cutest human being alive. I want to be her bff. It made me want to find a sequin dress of my own...oh wait, that's nothing new.


  1. Whoohoo, I love iPhone photo dumps. It lets me be nosy without being a creeper!

  2. well haven't you been a busy lady! it looks like you are really enjoy the summer which is awesome! i'm pretty jealous that you can wear sunglasses! maybe someday i'll get contacts again... someday.

    Enjoy! <3kat

  3. looks like you've been having fun!

    those shoes are incredible, and i'm not even a shoe person. and the only thing i hate about wearing glasses is not getting to wear fun sunglasses :(


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