Saturday, July 23, 2011

My trip to Florida, in Instagrams - Day 8

We packed up the vans and started on our loooooong trip back North....
Here's the van I was driving:

and from the inside: 
(good thing I'm adept at just using mirrors!)

Just north of Miami, our rear-right tire completely delaminated, which in turn blew off part of our back bumper. Totally not cool. Luckily, it was a rental van and we were able to just call Enterprise and trade it in for another one. Still, this set us back about 3 hours.

Unloading the van on the side of the highway...

Road snacks! 

Found at a gas station somewhere in....North Carolina maybe?? 

We stopped at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel outside of Norfolk, VA. It was cool to see the tunnel from above - the road just disappears into the water! 

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  1. great pics! is that a black and white butterfly? it looks amazing - almost fake :) thanks for sharing, looks like a great trip!


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