Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Thursday, a Surprise, and dirt-digging

Well, I have had quite a day today!

I worked 6:30-2:30 today....nothing interesting, an average day. When I got off work, my mommy called to tell me she was at the Goodwill nearby, and would I like to meet her there. Well, of course I did, and I found a splendid treasure.... which I haven't taken pictures of yet, so you'll be left hanging. But I promise, it is quite wonderful!

Inspired by the beautiful (and painfully hot) weather, and also my new treasure, I went next door to the Goodwill, to Lowes, and perused their many racks of clearanced plants. I came up with a grand total of 10 plants, for only $12! And they weren't dead! I honestly don't know why some of them were even clearanced. Who cares! I bought 'em all! I got: 2 geraniums (red and pink), a 6-pack of alyssum, a 6-pack of begonias (<3),>

After I tired of floating 'round the pool, I came inside, turned on Disc 2 of Pan's Labyrinth (featurettes, yay!), and started sewing my newest *top secret* project. I must say, it turned out pretty well. I am, by no means, a seamstress, so everything I sew shall I say....."shabby-chic". But that's how I like it. Its called "handmade" for a reason, people!!

Anyway, its getting late and I'm getting sleepy. Sorry for all the mystery.... I've just been to busy/lazy to take pictures today! ;D

I will tomorrow, I promise!

In the meantime - Visit Peachcake's brand new MySpace.... she hates MySpace, but has created one for your viewing pleasure (and to attract sales to her Etsy shop!). She's got a spot in the Showcase coming up on June 4, so swing by her shop and show her some support!

*hint hint* I've got a Showcase spot on the 5th, too! ;)

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  1. yay for peachcake! I can't wait for our showcase spots!


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