Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm baaaaack!

Ok, everything is officially back to "normal". Chris went back to State College on Sunday; and Philipp left this afternoon for Austria. Now, I'm all alone. :(
But I can get back to my routine of blogging incessantly. Yay.
As promised, I can finally share some pictures of the past week or two with you! Let's see....

This is me yelling at one of the machines at Charlestown Races & Slots. Chris and I went there last week and lost some money. Always a fun time.

That's Chris sunning himself at Fuller Lake, where we went on this past Thursday. I caught about 50 tadpoles (there were MILLIONS) and put them in my 5-gallon fishtank, but they all seem to have disappeared.... I haven't figured out if they are just hiding in the gravel, or if they turned into little frogs and hopped right out (highly unlikely!). I absolutely refuse to believe that my tiny little guppies ate the tadpoles, which were almost their size.....

Finally, some pictures of my new little baby, Porkchop! Yes, I know, Porkchop is kind of a strange name for a kitten. I didn't name him. His mommy, Lauren, did. And he learned his name (along with brothers Bacon and Sausage, and sister Tofu) at a very young age, and so, I hesitate to call him anything but! My family insists on calling him O'Malley, but I think that's an even more terrible name than Porkchop (or the inevitable "Porky")! I suggested the name Louie, as it really seems to suit him, but I was met with great consternation. *Hmph*

And this afternoon, I took many, many pictures of our garden. I even found some tiny little inhabitants!

I stayed pretty busy today... I helped my mom tear up the carpet from our stairway. It was so old and gross! The staircase looks really nice now, without carpet! I also turned a $10 Forever21 dress into a cute top (but it still needs a little work...maybe a belt or something...); and I shortened a white eyelet-lace tube-top-tunic thing that my sister gave me a loooong time ago. It was just too long, and looked stupid on me, so I cut the bottom off, and now its absolutely adorable. *happy* I'll have to get some pictures of that later on.

Also this past week: Lauren got married (but my camera died after 1 picture, which didn't even turn out. I'm going to get pictures from my friends a.s.a.p. !), and I attended a graduation party for my good friend Bobby, who graduated from West Point this week. I'm so proud of him! Again, no pictures of the party, but my friends had cameras so pics will be up soon! (I'm an idiot when it comes to taking my camera with me when I might actually need it. Really.)

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